How To Earn Airline Miles Without Flying

miles - How To Earn Airline Miles Without Flying

What Are Airline Miles?

Airline miles are also known as frequent flyer miles. Airlines have loyalty programs to reward their customers for flying with them frequently. The more you fly with them, the more miles you earn. You can later redeem these miles for a free flight or upgrade.

The amount of miles you earn is based on how much you’ve spent or how many miles you’ve flown on the airline. The miles do not represent the amount of physical miles you are able to redeem for. So for example, you may need to earn 25,000 “miles” for a round-trip flight that is 4,000 actual miles.


1. First thing is to sign up for every airline you fly with or anticipating on flying with.


2. Online Shopping-Yes using airlines shopping portals for your online shopping purchases.
Depending on the promotion, you can earn up to 25-30 miles for every dollar you spend.
Click on the links below and check out their stores.


Delta Airlines Shopping
United Airlines Shopping
American Airlines Shopping
South West Airlines Shopping

(If shopping through an airline shopping portal, don’t pay with the airline credit card. If you return an item, you’ll lose your miles. Also, most car rentals allow you to earn miles as well. )



3. Taking Surveys- You can earn extra miles each month for completing surveys on sites like;
(It’s not a lot of miles, but in your free time why not get free points going towards a flight or upgrade) 

Opinion Miles Club




4. Donations- Giving back is always a great thing so why not earn miles doing so.

Delta-National Foundation Cancer Research

United-National Foundation Cancer Research

American-National Foundation Cancer Research

American-Susan G. Komen Foundation

(*Consult your tax professional on writing off your donations for this on your taxes)



5. Banks-You can earn points simply by opening checking accounts at some banks that has partnered with airlines.

You can earn 48,000 Delta Airlines miles a year at SunTrust

You can earn 60,000 American Airlines miles at Bank Direct

  • 1,000 AAdvantage miles for opening a Mileage Checking with Interest account
  • 10,000 miles for receiving direct deposits for six consecutive statement cycles, totaling at least $2,000 per month
  • 5,000 miles for using online bill pay to pay three different payees a total of $500 a month for six consecutive statement cycles
  • 5,000 miles for using the BankDirect Visa CheckCard debit card for at least 12 transactions totaling $500 per month for six consecutive statement cycles
  • 1,000 miles when you refer a friend. You can refer up to 10 friends and you will both earn 1,000 miles or 25 or 100 miles per $1,000 on deposit each month, depending on your balance.


**American Airlines also has the Citi Gold but isn’t always available;

Open a Citi Gold checking account and get 10,000 to 50,000 AAdvantage miles for spending $750 to $1,000 with your debit card within 90 days. In addition, you’ll need to use the bill-pay service or receive a direct deposit to qualify for the bonus.



Using these 5 simple methods is a great way to earn miles towards a flight or upgrade, enjoy and rack up on those miles.

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    Do you cut a lot of cost by going directly to the airline and buying a ticket

    1. TravelfreQk

      Some, but not all. Some charge a “service fee” by going directly to the counter.

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