10 Benefits of dating a man who travels

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1. He’s pretty good with money- Dating a guy who travels tend to be financially savvy and pretty good with his coins. Saving their money, budgeting and prioritizing already shows they are pretty good with money because clearly you can’t travel for free and do it consistently without being financially savvy. And studies show that finances are one of the leading causes of stress in relationships.

2. He can easily adaptWhen you date a guy who loves to travel, you are in a relationship with someone who knows how to handle life’s curve balls and challenges. They’re used to having to adapt to many different scenarios outside of their comfort zones, so they typically function well and handle pressure better than most.

3. He is Discerning- Because of their open minded and well-rounded experience in life; guys who travel are much more likely to have better insight into people and situations. They are pretty good at reading people because when you are in foreign lands and don’t know the language your six senses and intuition heightens to a completely new level.  He will approach a situation with an open mind and a wise perspective.

4. He’s self sufficient-Men who love to travel aren’t clingy. They don’t need to depend on others because they are comfortable going out on their own. They love to interact with others, but also know how to move on to the next place and group of people. They like to include you but won’t break down without you. They will respect you and be able to give you space, and expect the same from you. Your relationship will easily have healthy boundaries because both of you won’t become too clingy or needy.

5. He has Intellect- An avid travelers tend to always be soaking up new information, reading and exposing themselves to new ideas and knowledge about places. They enjoy learning about new cultures and geography, and they like to discuss new ideas and have new experiences. They’re smart enough to have figured out how to afford traveling and how to prioritize their dreams and passions. Meet a guy who likes to travel and you’ll have met a guy who is street and book smart, and if you’re lucky he will have hands as well.

6. He’ll never hold you back– A guy who travels is, at his core, a dreamer and go getter. He understands the importance of following your passions and the need to be independent. He won’t try to control you because he would never allow anyone to dictate his existence. Dating a guy who travels means being with someone who respects your goals and individuality.

7. He’s able to get along with everyone-Guys who travel a lot are used to being out of place and out of their comfort zones. They’re at ease in a variety of social situations, and know how to strike up a conversation with just about anyone. When it comes to joining your friends in activities or meeting your family, he’ll easily be able to laugh, make friends, and put on a good face no matter how embarrassing it gets. Plus, he’s fun to introduce because he’s interesting, finds it easy to relate to people, and has tons of stories to entertain everyone with. And just about everyone will find him intriguing due to his travels and will many questions for him.

8. He’s not materialisticGuys who love to travel aren’t hung up on material possessions. You’ll never be arguing over that favorite blender or sofa because they just don’t care that much about things like that. He’s happy and more focused on things that last, rather than on physical goods. He would rather spend his paycheck traveling that than decking out his crib, so he’s learned how to do without when it comes to the extras that so many other people think are essential in life. As a result, he’s much more grounded and down to earth than most other guys you’ll meet.

9. He will leave a positive mark in your lifeEven if your relationship doesn’t work out, he will still leave a lasting positive mark in your life. He can change your life for the better, as well as make you a more exciting and well-rounded woman. Furthermore, he can introduce you to a whole lot of new theories and ideas that will make your wiser. And I’m sure you would have gotten plenty of his flying miles along the journey.

10. He’s no lacklusterMen who love to travel are always heading off on a new adventure. They say yes way more than they say no, and are pretty much up to try new ideas you come up with. When you date a guy like this, even the most ordinary moments in life will go from 0-10 in the blink of an eye. And you’ll experience different places and lifestyles and see more of life than you ever will with a guy who doesn’t travel. (Now could a guy who doesn’t travel love just as much as a man who does? Absolutely! However, the travel guy who is going to give you the business in every country and exotic locations you all touch down in). Date a guy who travels and you will have stories that could be scripted into movies.

11. Bonus I mean clearly he’s going to plan all of your vacations from start to finish, saving you time and stress researching. All you have to do is approve the itinerary and go.

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  • 5 and 6 are certainly my favorite things but what about people who are in committed relationships or married what would you suggest if only one love to travel more than the other and the other doesn’t quite share that same passion? How can they make it work?

  • As an avid reader, I found this very compelling from beginning to end. You actually made me want to find my own Travel Freak. Lol Or maybe he will find me.. Look forward to reading the rest of your Blog.

  • All of these are great reasons to date a traveler. However, I like #11, the bonus… I have always been the planner when dating, with friends, etc… so to have someone else to do the planning would be AWESOME!!!

  • I love this! Number 5 is my favorite! I’m already your Instagram fan from all the adventures you shsre there. Now having discovered your blog, with stories behind the adventures, I’m a completely true fan.

    • Thank you and glad you enjoy my IG., I have some great content coming up soon as well so please stay tuned.

  • Ever think about trying out for Amazing Race? I’m looking for a teammate.

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